LabelleCo Fabrication brings powerful fabrication to structural steel and pipe for the oil and gas industry in Texas and beyond.

Steel & Pipe Fabrication in Beaumont and SE Texas

LabelleCo Fabrication has earned a reputation as a premier provider of pipe & structural steel fabrication.

With LabelleCo’s innovated ideas and unique approach to the industry’s needs, LabelleCo brings a higher level to the fabrication industry. LabelleCo Fabrication offers an extensive line of services and products.

Our staff of experienced and knowledgeable personnel, along with the latest in CNC controlled machinery enables our 130,000 square foot steel fab shop and 60,000 square foot pipe fab facility to provide superior quality, customized service, and reliable efficiency on time. Every time. Our prime location and company-owned logistics puts YOU at an advantage for cost-efficiency. With quick access to I-10 between Baytown and Beaumont, Texas plus our position and key partnerships with galvanizing and painting facilities, LabelleCo capitalizes on speed to market.

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