Certified Welders

LabelleCo Fab's certified welders are dedicated to producing quality workmanship and specialty products in a field of ever changing industry. Our commitment to our customers is to provide them with experienced people who are trained in all areas of safety and who will work with them to complete projects in a timely manner and most importantly, to the customer's satisfaction.

LabelleCo Fab is uncompromising in its goal of preserving its reputation for integrity and quality service. This is why we have installed the new Quality Assurance Program for all of our clients. With our certified welders and their experience plus our on-site safety supervisors there - our clients rest assured knowing that their project is being worked on with integrity. In fact - our client list has been growing so fast through our recent founding that in order to sustain our growth and to increase our services to our customers, we expanded our facilities in 2013; thus allowing for fabrication of larger projects in our 48,000 sq. ft. shop and increasing the number of projects that can be completed within the same time frame.