CNC Plasma Cutting in Southeast TX

When your company is looking for cost reductions, improved lead times and higher quality products with precision cuts, they might want to consider CNC Plasma Cutting as an alternative method.

At LabelleCo Fab - we have the capabilities to provide superior plasma cutting services to our customers at our 42,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located in Beaumont, TX. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians are qualified to handle all the unique requirements involved for any of our clients' projects.

Benefits of CNC Plasma Cutting

  • Financial Savings: Reduce fabrications costs by choosing precision plasma cut parts
  • Quality Improvements: Produce sharper inside/outside corners, sharper edges, and narrower widths than usual methods.
  • Efficient Production: Fabricating times reduced when parts are received free of dross and burrs.
  • Economical Productivity: Minimize scrap and reduce handling time which allows our staff to nest a large quantity of parts on a single sheet during the plasma cutting processes.
  • Design Flexibility: Eliminate the need for making templates, transferring to steel parts, center punching, hand-cutting and hand-grinding as the flexible table designs of our CNC Plasma Cutters are ideal for cutting holes and features in tubes and structural shapes as well as sheet and plate.